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    6 - 22 February 2020.

    maliphantworks3 Customer Reviews

    4 / 5 (5 customer reviews)

    Alla Yushchenko

    4 days ago

    All was beautiful! Thanks so much for emotional event

    George Aldridge

    4 days ago

    The three 'acts' were increasingly tedious displays of amateurish lack of talent. The first act focused on movement within a moving array of lights, but had it not been for the lights would have been seen as hollow and devoid of beauty or any actual dancing. The lighting itself, if pitched at an older generation may have wowed, but I have frequently seen better displays and better dancing at numerous parties that I had not paid to attend. "Act 2" the films, was a contemptuous couple of shorts, the former by Dana focusing on the monochrome of her black dress against the white background, but looked to be made up in someones front room using a slumped sheet. Once more her dancing demonstrated an ego far exceeding a talent. The second "film" focused on a horizontal position supported by a bungee cord, but seemed to be a poor man's attempt at an aerial display, which, much like the lighting in the first part, was totally inferior to anything of it's kind in a more focused context. The music to the second was very beat driven but the dancing very out of time. In total both "films" screamed of a contempt for the audience with a "heres one I made earlier," approach to fill ten minutes the performers were incapable if performing. The final "duet," was so badly rehearsed we saw them knock into each other clearly on accident at one point and seemed more about attempting a romantic dance than actually being one. I would expect better from first year dance students (and I studied performance, so am very aware of what first year dance students are most frequently capable of!). A waste of time and money, that depicted a washed up ego and ill conceived ideas delivered without skill in either dance or choreography.

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