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Rambert / Ben Duke - Death Trap Tickets

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Sadler's WellsLondon
Dance, comedy, tragedy, Rambert and Ben Duke come together in Death Trap at Sadler's Wells

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Is Eurydice dead? Or did she just exit stage left?

Rambert and Ben Duke are masters of dance theatre where the dance is exceptional and the theatre delivers irresistible stories.

In Cerberus, enter a world where dance is literally a matter of life or death. A curious adaptation of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this is a bittersweet musing on myth and mortality, complete with funeral couture.

Goat is inspired by the music and spirit of Nina Simone, with a live on-stage band performing her iconic songs including Feelings, Feeling Good and Ain’t Got No/I Got, Life.

Following their knock-out Peaky Blinders tour, this is your next chance to see Rambert’s brilliant and daring dancers in these two short pieces created for them by Ben Duke (Lost Dog), known for storytelling that reveals the absurd, the savage and the funny.

[Image description] Tension as a young woman grimaces, her mouth wide, one black gloved hand clutching the air. One bare leg in a high kick emerges from a black and rust coloured tutu, while a thick rope around her waist is pulled taut from the opposite direction.