Disney's Frozen The West End Musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Woman wearing sunglasses MAMMA MIA! London
Green background. Text: [top]"London's #1 Show." Wicked (the dot on the 'i' is a silhouette of a witch on a broom) [bottom] The Apollo Victoria Theatre Image within a circle frame Green witch in a black pointy hat and robe faces forward, side profile of a witch in contrasting white whispers to her.
musicals banner image
Text: More to see than can ever be seen...Disney The Lion King, Lyceum Theatre London.  Image: Man wearing tribal-like clothing, with shadows of giraffes in the background against a yellow background.
Text 'nothing matches it' - New York Times. Roald Dahls' Matilda The Musical, Cambridge Theatre London. RSC Royal Shakespeare Company. Image: A little girl (Matilda) stood with her hands on her hips looking up into the left-hand distance. She is stood in-front of a glowing blue lights, which makes her look almost like a silhouette. It is a powerful image.
Text: 'Irresistibly Uplifting, Hollywood Reporter. Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Alywych Theatre. Image: 'Tina' shining in a gold light against a black background with a smile on her face, wearing a gold dress. The text is in glittery gold.
Text: Exclusive Prices, The Multi-award winning original Broadway Musical, Jersey Boys, the ultimate feel good musical, Trafalgar Theatre at Trafalgar Square. Image: The cast of Jersey Boys as Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons.
The Book of Mormon at Prince of Wales Theatre, London. From the creators of Southpark. A Doorbell.
Image of Mrs Doubtfire looking over text which reads: "A surefire hit! - Daily Express. Mrs Doubtfire The New Comedy Musical - Best availability this autumn - Book Now Dears!.

London Musicals - Musical Tickets

Frozen The Musical

From £25


From £19


From £25

Phantom of the Opera

From £28

The Lion King

From £40

Matilda The Musical

From £25

TINA: The Tina Turner Musical

From £13

Jersey Boys

From £25
Save up to £36

The Book of Mormon

From £25

Mrs. Doubtfire

From £28

Les Miserables

From £25


From £25

Back To The Future

From £24


From £19.50
Save up to 39%

The Snowman

From £17
Save up to £23


Price TBC
Save up to £45

Crazy For You

From £15
Save up to 52%

Guys and Dolls

From £24

Sunset Boulevard

From £25

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

From £31

Abba Voyage

From £67


From £39

Christmas Actually

Opens 07 December 2023
From £31

Magic Mike Live

From £48


From £34

The Gruffalo’s Child

From £12


From £61

The Little Big Things

From £36

Stephen Sondheim's Old Friends

From £20

The Elvis Years

Opens 18 February 2024
From £23
On Sale now

The King and I - London

From £28

MJ The Musical

Opens 06 March 2024
From £25
Great Preview Prices


From £28

The Time Traveller's Wife The Musical

Opens 07 October 2023
From £31

Hansel and Gretel

Opens 08 December 2023
From £6

Peter Pan

Opens 01 December 2023
From £18

Father Christmas Needs a Wee!

From £27

Sister Act

From £25

Everybody's Talking About Jamie

From £31

The Choir of Man

From £31

Close-Up: The Twiggy Musical

From £60

La Cage aux Folles

From £53

A Very Very Bad Cinderella

Opens 01 December 2023
From £31
On Sale now

Bloody Elle

Opens 27 September 2023
From £13
On Sale now

Mean Gals

Opens 03 October 2023
From £25

Flowers for Mrs Harris

Opens 30 September 2023
From £33

The Mongol Khan

Opens 17 November 2023
From £23

Pacific Overtures

Opens 25 November 2023
From £48


Opens 10 November 2023
From £31
On Sale now

Bronco Billy

Opens 23 January 2024
From £19

Billie The Kid

Opens 13 November 2023
From £33

Bat Boy The Musical In Concert

Opens 31 October 2023
From £36
On Sale now

La Voix - The Red Ambition Tour

Opens 08 October 2023
From £19

Treason the Musical

Opens 08 November 2023
From £25

Six - Singalong

Opens 12 May 2024
From £39

Trompe L’Oeil

Opens 28 September 2023
From £25
Save up to 40%

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

From £23

West End Musical Halloween

From £30
On Sale now

Two Strangers (carry a cake across New York)

Opens 09 November 2023
From £19

Go Your Own Way

Opens 18 December 2023
From £38

Official London Musicals Tickets | Discounted London Musicals Tickets

Top London Musicals

Ready to get back to the theatre and enjoy some toe-tapping show tunes? Whether you're a Londoner or just visiting the capital for a day, you're sure to find a good night out from our selection of must-see London musicals. Book your tickets in advance to catch the hottest shows!

A Long-standing Artform

Music has always been an essential component of dramatic presentation and is just as good when combined with compelling stories. Musical theatre is one of the forms of theatrical performance that uses music extensively to provide an unforgettable visual and audible experience. It is a combination of dance, acting, songs and dialogues – pretty much a complete package. For large-scale, extravagant London musicals, the West End productions are exceptional, providing a film-quality experience live on stage; they are truly magical. Smaller venues like fringe and community theatre also stage remarkable musical productions in a more intimate setup that shares its brilliance with major shows. Whatever kind of musical experience you're looking for, you're sure to find it.

Modern Advancements in Musical Theatre

The 19th century saw the emergence of modern Western musical theatre. Legends like Gilbert and Sullivan established several structural elements in Britain. At the turn of the 20th century, Edwardian musical comedies and several other sub-genres began to find the spotlight. While the popularity of such shows increased, London musicals grew in prominence, becoming known as one of the most desired destinations for global musical theatre performances.

The emotion in a musical is portrayed through music, movement, words, and different technical aspects such as lighting and sound effects. Musicals distinguish itself from other theatrical forms like dance and opera by giving equal importance to music as it does to movement, dialogues, acting and other elements. Overall, it is a form of expression showcasing an array of artistic and technical elements to give a wonderful experience. This is why London musicals are so memorable. Today, with advancements in technology, the production value of musicals has arguably doubled; current shows are ground-breaking with the room for unrestricted creativity and engaging storylines.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your tickets for top London musicals today for a truly unforgettable night of entertainment.