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The Drive In cinema in London

The Drive In Cinema in London offers a unique experience in the world of cinema. Gone are the days of sitting at home and watching your favourite movies on the same old boring television. So why not venture out for something completely different? The Drive In Cinema London cinema presents the movie-going experience in the American drive-in style.

Watch your favourite films from the comfort of your car and relive Hollywood's golden age. Its contact-free solution broadcasts sound straight to your car's speakers. But don't worry if you don't have FM radio. You can use the mobile app or carry a portable radio to get the show's sound. Information on how to tune into the broadcast is available on the day of the show. Park your car in any part of the ground for a clear, wide-angle view of the state-of-the-art screen. You can also use the Drive In Cinema London app to order food and beverages, which the attentive staff will deliver to you.

The cinema strictly abides by the government's covid rules. You will park your vehicle two metres away from the others, followed by a ticket scanning done through your car's closed window. At the Drive In Cinema London, you can be free from worries while catching much-anticipated blockbuster films or live shows. As well as food, you can also order alcohol (which requires an ID check). Every activity is carried out in a completely contact-less way to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of everyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your experience today by getting your Drive In Cinema tickets!